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Review - Seiko 5 Sports SpeedTimer Ref. 6139-7020

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Seiko 5 Sports SpeedTimer Ref. 6139-7020 is the embodiment of what a great vintage racing chronograph should look like: Also called "Flying Saucer", they come with a sloping brushed tonneau case contoured with an outer bezel with black enamel inlay.

Sold domestically in Japan, this reference is powered by a 21-jewel version of the iconic and updated Cal.6139B thus making them "Superior" to their export versions with 17J Cal.6139A.

The Ref. 6139-7020 was released in 1971 and came with three main dial/bracelet configurations:

1- The Champagne dial variant:

This variant is unique and pops out beautifully on the wrist. The dial is coded "JAPAN 6139 -7040T" and comes with a beautiful Champagne-colored dial. Looking deeper into the other dial elements, the "SpeedTimer" logo sits prominently mid-dial opposite the blacked-out day/date frame. The bracelet comes with a flat three-link design coded XJA161 that's tapered to attach under the lugs seamlessly.

2- The Black dial variant with Blue sub-register:

This particular one is our personal favorite. Coded "JAPAN 6139 -7050T", it comes with a split bi-colour minute sub-register in black and electric blue with vibrant orange chronograph hands. Interestingly, it comes with a very beautiful triple hinge “Chiclet” Bracelet in Stainless Steel coded XGA141 which was only made for this variant.

3- The Black dial variant with Beige sub-register:

It comes with a deeply set matte black dial with a split, sub-register in Matte beige with vibrant orange markers coded "JAPAN 6139 -7040T". This configuration gives it a very classy look while retaining the Speedtimer DNA in the overall look. The bracelet is similar to the Champagne dial variant coded XJA161.

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