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Review - Seiko 5 Sports SpeedTimer Rallymeter 7015-7010

Introducing this gorgeous Seiko 5 Sports Speedtimer Rally Meter 7015-7010 also nicknamed "Blue Rally" 「青ラリー」 in Japan.

Though most of Seiko's collectors seem to focus on the 613X “Suwa” chronographs, Seiko’s Daini division also developed their own 701X calibers that were equally impressive.

Daini's chronographs usually lack the minute and hour registers, but they make up for it with features only made by them. This Rally Meter 7015-7010 from April of ‘73 is one of the best-looking chronographs from the Speedtimer line-up. The conical case flares at the bottom and slopes sharply upward through the bezel. The nicely proportioned lugs leave enough room for a seamless fit in the original triple-hinged XLA071 “5 Sports” bracelet that we usually see in the 6139 models. Interestingly enough, this is the only Chronograph from Daini that shares the same XLA071 bracelet with Suwa's 6139s.

Looking deep into the dial, the matte black bezel insert is trimmed in a silver and yellow tachymetric scale that is immaculate. The dial itself has also levels that give it a beautiful 2D look: The lower portion is a charcoal sunburst with applied markers, framed by a metallic silver upper ring trimmed in black and electric blue. Beyond that, the glossy black rotating inner bezel makes up the second half of the slide rule function mapped out on the dial. The hour and minute hands are brightly polished batons with lume, balanced by a vivid orange sweep hand.

Very desirable in Japan, it is one of the rarest models among the Rally Meters.

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john fitzmaurice
john fitzmaurice
May 08, 2023

I have one of the Seiko 7015-7010 which belonged to my late farther in the seventies and is just kept in a drawer and never used i live in the uk

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