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Review - Seiko 5 Sports Speedtimer 7017-8000 Pulsimeter

After the release of the iconic 6139 automatic chronographs by Seiko's Suwa division in 1969, the Daini division answered back one year later with their own iteration in the form of the 7017. If you compare both references, the 7017 is certainly thinner and smoother than the 6139.

Daini Chronographs were sold cheaper compared to Suwa's (¥13,500 for this model compared to ¥18,000 for Suwa's 6139-6000) as they were initially intended for High school and college students, but don't judge too quickly, they featured a “flyback” function that allowed for the chronograph sweep to be reset without having to first stop the mechanism.

This Pulsemeter is incredibly well preserved and comes with its original price tag, instructions manuals, and bracelet tags. The mint blocky shape of the case is offset by contoured lines and smooth finishes that give it a great vintage feel. The Speed Timer logo in its signature orange sits on top of the 6 O'clock marker, and the Seiko 5 Sports logo below the 12 O'clock. As a JDM variant, the day can be toggled between English and Kanji and is paired alongside the date under a polished frame.

The 7017-8000 was made in two variants and this was Seiko's and Daini's only Pulsimeter sold in Japan as Suwa their own iteration for the international market under Ref. 6139-6020.

The Pulsimeter is designed to read a patient’s heart rate: Start the chronograph timer and count the beats until you get to the number the scale is calibrated for. Stop the time and you will read the heart rate in beats per minute.

Paired with its very comfortable and correct XAA531 bracelet which was most likely inspired by the Suwa's 6139-6000/6139-603X, it is very sporty and versatile, and certainly useful for doctors to make sure you're healthy.

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