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Review - Seiko 5 Sports SpeedTimer Ref.6138-8010 "Holy Grail"

Does the Seiko Ref.6138-8010 truly holds its title as the "Holy Grail"?

Let's agree on the fact that is reference is one of the most beautiful JDM Chronographs from the 6138 series. The nickname "Holy grail" was initially assigned to this reference since it is one of the hardest Speedtimer models to hunt for as they rarely show up for sale since we believe they were only produced between 1972 and 1973, and finding a good example is even rarer.

At a first glance, you might say this is literally the same Panda Ref.6138-8020 dial configuration but in Blue. You're quite right: Sketched and overseen by the legendary designer Tokuaki Miura, one can understand why it holds the Panda DNA as Miura-san was also the original designer of the Pogue, Bruce Lee, and the Panda/Baby Panda models.

The iridescent blue dial is striking and has a faceted 2D shape with the mirrored layer connecting both hour and minute registers. The chronograph hand has retained its original bright orange and lumed baton hands which stand out beautifully against the surrounding the Tachymeter ring and the thick bezel.

The case is a Jumbo 42mm wide which definitely makes it thicker than other Speedtimer models, we believe it was intended by Seiko to give it a compelling presence on the wrist.

The bracelet is unique for this model: Coded XJA231 on the end links, it is triple hinged and each link is vertically brushed. Although the bracelet links seem thick, it perfectly hugs the wrist and wears comfortably.

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