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SOLD - Seiko Speedtimer Coke Pogue 6139-6032





Seiko's 6139-60XX chronographs have achieved true iconic status. Their distinctive barrel-shaped cases and bold color combinations make them instantly recognizable and often serve as a catalyst for converting new enthusiasts. As with many of Seiko's early chronographs, two versions were developed in parallel: a larger production export variant with fewer jewels, and a smaller production model with a higher jewel count exclusively for the Japanese domestic market.


In addition to the extra jewels, the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 6139 models, along with other references, were given the nickname "Speed Timers" and often featured the "5 Sports" badge on their dials. Appropriately, the day of the week function could toggle between English and Japanese (Kanji), and these models offered unique color variations and signature bracelets that were not available in the export versions.


These JDM references are highly sought after by collectors, but their limited availability outside of Japan makes them challenging to acquire. That's why we are particularly thrilled to present this exceptional timepiece from May of 1971.


The chronograph functions on this watch are precise and responsive, and the reset to zero is quick and sharp.


Upon purchase, the watch will undergo servicing and cleaning, and the glass will be replaced before shipping. Please note that shipping may take 1-2 months.

Ships from Tokyo, Japan.

SOLD - Seiko Speedtimer Coke Pogue 6139-6032

  • The chronograph is in near-mint condition: The case is strong with just some light scratches. The dial is the main attraction here as it is very clean and the hands are still intact.

    The bracelet is in very great condition with the original sticker still remaining. It also comes with full length and it is the correct one for this model, has few scratches and still retains its sharp edges.

    The glass has a small chip but will be replace after servicing.

  • BRAND: Seiko
    MODEL: Speedtimer Coke Pogue JDM
    REFERENCE: 6139-6032
    DIAL: Original black dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 41.0 x 46.0 mm, 19mm Lug Width
    CRYSTAL: Mineral Crystal
    CASE BACK: Screw-in Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: Seiko Automatic Cal. 6139B
    Manufacturing date: May 1971
    Service History: Not serviced +40s/day
    Bracelet/Strap: Original and correct Seiko 5 Sports Bracelet XAA-301 on the links.

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