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SOLD - Seiko Speedtimer 6139-6000





or enthusiasts of vintage Seiko timepieces, few series are as instantly recognizable as the 6139-600X models, which are closely associated with the introduction of this historic movement. These watches epitomize Seiko's commitment to delivering their first automatic chronograph with impeccable style. Within the collector community, they are commonly referred to as the "Pogue" models, owing to their connection to Col. William Pogue and his renowned yellow-dialed variant.

The 6139-600X series offers three distinct color options: Yellow, Silver, and Blue. Each variant possesses its own unique charm and would undoubtedly stand out as a prized addition in any collection.


The featured timepiece from August of '69 is truly remarkable. Its velvety blue dial is flawlessly executed and captivating to behold. Being an early variant, the dial proudly displays the JDM Speedtimer designation at the left-center position.


The luminous material applied to the markers remains original and shows no signs of degradation. The polished hour and minute hands exhibit no oxidation, while the luminous material retains its original color and has not suffered any discoloration or deterioration. The chronograph hands sport a fiery red/orange hue that both complements and provides a perfect contrast to the dial. The sweep hand retains its original two-piece design. The outer bezel, adorned in crisp metallic red and blue, displays minimal signs of wear and exhibits no fading of color. The case retains its original factory finishes, untouched by polishing.


The chronograph functions operate responsively, and following a thorough service, the 6139A movement maintains near-perfect timekeeping. Completely original, this beautiful and rare example would be an excellent addition to any watch collection, showcasing its uniqueness and exceptional craftsmanship.

SOLD - Seiko Speedtimer 6139-6000

  • The chronograph is in very good condition: The case is unpolished with light scratches but nothing deep.

    The dial is the main attraction here as it is very clean and the hands are still intact. The bezel is also in great shape with no bumps observed around it. some very thin scratches can be observed around it but it doesn't impede the overall look.

    The bracelet is in very good condition and has few scratches and still retains its sharp edges. Some stretch can be observed in some links.

  • BRAND: Seiko
    MODEL: Speedtimer Pepsi
    REFERENCE: 6139-6000
    DIAL: Original blue dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 41.0 x 46.0 mm, 19mm Lug Width
    CRYSTAL: Mineral Crystal
    CASE BACK: Screw-in Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: Seiko Automatic Cal. 6139A
    Manufacturing date: August 1969
    Service History: Serviced, +10s/day
    Bracelet/Strap: Original and correct Seiko 5 Sports Bracelet 6139-600

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