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SOLD - Seiko Rally Diver 7s36-0080






The "Rally" sport divers produced by Seiko during the late 1960s and 1970s are highly respected and admired and are considered some of the company's most memorable models. These watches were created as a result of competition between Seiko's Suwa and Daini divisions, and are known for their brightly colored dials and checkered bezels, as well as their big and bold cases. Today, the "Rally" models are highly sought-after by collectors, and Seiko has even created new versions of them by drawing inspiration from the original designs.

The reissues of the "Rally" watches from the late 1990s are particularly noteworthy, as they were released before the current trend of vintage watch collecting became popular. Despite this, Seiko decided to reintroduce a few of its iconic sports divers from the past. These models, such as the (SBSS) 7S36 Rally divers, are now considered vintage in their own right and are highly valued by collectors. It is worth noting that most of the original Daini models were only available in Japan.

Meet the 7S36-0080, which is a faithful reissue of the original and iconic Ref.5126-8130. The case, a bit more contoured than the original, comes with a sunburst blue dial with applied luminous markers which are complemented by vivid orange tips. The hour and minute hands are similarly designed and come with a vivid orange seconds weep that stands out from the overall design of the dial.

With these small subtle changes, keeping the main design unchanged from the 1969 original demonstrates that the original design has timeless and lasting aesthetics.


This example from May of ‘97 is the faithful reissue of the 5126-8120 and it is incredible. They can be difficult to track down, and especially in such perfect condition. 

Shipped from Tokyo, Japan.

SOLD - Seiko Rally Diver 7s36-0080

  • This Rally diver is in excellent condition and it is unused. There are no noticeable scratches on the case or bracelet, although expect some due to storage. 

    The dial and hands are in flawless condition and the watch operates without any issues as it should. The bezel is in immaculate condition and rotates smoothly. There are no scratches on the glass.

    The caseback is in amazing condition and still retains its original protective sticker.

    The watch comes as is with its original instructions manual.

  • BRAND: Seiko
    MODEL: Rally Diver
    REFERENCE: 7s36-0080 / SBSS015
    DIAL: Original blue Dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 40mm x 44.5mm case, 12.5mm thick, 20mm lug width
    CRYSTAL: Mineral Crystal
    CASE BACK: Screw-in Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: Seiko Automatic 23J 7S36
    Manufacturing date: April 1997
    Service History: Unknown, ±10s/day
    Bracelet/Strap: Original Seiko Bracelet in Stainless Steel

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