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Seiko Quartz 7A48-7050 Fishing Master







During an era dominated by quartz technology characterized by LCD displays and unconventional designs that hardly resembled traditional wristwatches, Seiko took a unique step back to propel watch design forward. In 1983, they unveiled the 7A28, the world's pioneering analog quartz chronograph, and it's an understatement to say that they executed it flawlessly. This 15-jewel movement was entirely devoid of any plastic components. Notably, it could be finely tuned for optimal performance and was constructed to facilitate the replacement of worn parts, a feature absent in most contemporary quartz movements.

In 1984, just two years later, Seiko introduced the 7A38 and 7A48 models. While the '38 incorporated a day and date function along with a range of fresh design layouts, the '48 brought a complication that was typically associated with high-end Swiss mechanical watches at the time: the moon phase feature.

During that time, there was a need for Seiko to create a high-performance watch for people who enjoy fishing, and they certainly delivered by making this rather unique Quartz Chronograph Ref.7A48-7050 Fishing Master which we have for sale today. When designing this reference, Seiko placed particular emphasis on timing for successful fishing and being able to quickly check all weather conditions, and for that, two parameters are important: The moon phase and the tide level.

Aside from the hole in the top end link is designed for attaching a hook or lure, this Chronograph features a true moon phase coupled with a delicate date indicator hand, a chapter ring that gives you the ~25-hour tidal day, a bezel for setting high and low tide, and another around it for the day of the lunation.

Not only the fact that you can check this data in analog form is appealing, but on the wrist, it has a casual aesthetic thanks to its creamy light tone that contrasts with the deep ocean blue bezel.

In immaculate condition, it also comes with its original box, warranty certificate, and instructions manual which makes the offering complete.


Ships from Tokyo, Japan.

Seiko Quartz 7A48-7050 Fishing Master

  • Overall, this piece is in pristine condition. The case has little sign of wear with only thin hairline scratches. The dial, hands, and lumes are immaculate with no signs of rotting or deterioration. The bezel is also in clean shape with no signs of bumps or peeling. The glass has no visible scratches and the caseback has light sign of scratches most likely due to contact with the bracelet.

  • BRAND:  Seiko
    MODEL: Quartz Chronograph Fishing Master
    REFERENCE: 7A48-7050
    DIAL: Original cream dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 41mm diameter; 11mm thickness, 22mm lug width
    CRYSTAL: Mineral Crystal
    CASE BACK: Screw-down Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: Analog Quartz Cal.7A48
    Manufacturing date: January 1985
    Service History: Unknown, battery replaced
    Bracelet/Strap: Original and correct Seiko bracelet coded VA30A

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