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Grand Seiko 61GS 6156-8010 Special







In 1968, Suwa Seikosha debuted the 61GS, Japan's first automatic 10-beat movement watch, embodying Taro Tanaka’s Grammar of Design philosophy. In 1969, Grand Seiko unveiled the 61GS VFA, setting a new accuracy standard but creating a pricing gap compared to the standard 61GS models.


The 1970 catalog introduced the "Arabesques" series, featuring faceted sapphire crystals and hardened steel cases. However, this series was short-lived, replaced soon after by the "Special" series. Debuting in Seiko's 1971 Number 1 catalog, the 61GS Specials included three distinct models: the 6155-8000 with a date display, the 6156-8000 with a day/date complication, and the luxurious 6156-8010, boasting both a day/date complication and a faceted crystal, establishing itself as the most upscale option among the trio.


The flagship model, Ref.6156-8010, represented a direct improvement over the Arabesques, boasting a HSS case, faceted sapphire crystal, and an upgraded "Special" standard movement. All three models, utilizing the 615x calibers, adhered to the "Grand Seiko Special Standard," ensuring a daily accuracy of +/- 3 seconds, thus bridging the gap between regular Grand Seiko and VFA standards. Notably, the 6156 day-date caliber facilitated quick-setting for both the day and date, featuring a bilingual day wheel, a feature absent in the 6146 caliber. These Specials remained prominent in the Grand Seiko lineup throughout the vintage GS era, solidifying their historical significance in the brand's evolution.


The Ref.6156-8010 we offer for sale showcases an elegant design, featuring a flat white dial adorned with petite minute markers, ensuring a clutter-free appearance. Thin stick hands complement the slender indices, contributing to the watch's refined aesthetic. Moreover, the faceted crystal serves as the crowning touch, enhancing the dial's depth and immersiveness.


Immaculate in its condition, the case appears to be unworn, exhibiting virtually no scratches. Also, the caseback still bears traces of its protective blue film, and the watch comes with its original price tags, Seiko DA52 leather straps, GS buckle, and pristine original box.


The watch will be serviced once purchased and will take around 1-2 months to be completed.


Shipped from Tokyo, Japan

Grand Seiko 61GS 6156-8010 Special

  • This Special is in immaculate condition. The case retains its factory sharp edges with a beautiful Tanaka grammar of design profile. Expect very light scratches on the case due to storage.

    The original silver dial is immaculate. The handset and crown are all original and in pristine condition. The original case back and gold medallion are in great condition and remnants of the blue protective film can be observed. There are no visible scratches on the 3-sided cut glass.

    The watch comes with its original price tag, DA52 Seiko leather straps, GS buckle, and its original wooden box.

  • BRAND:  Grand Seiko
    MODEL: 61GS
    REFERENCE: 6156-8010
    DIAL: Original silver dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Hardened Stainless Steel HSS
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 36.0 x 41.0 mm diameter; 10mm thickness, 18mm lug width.
    CRYSTAL: 3-sided cut Saphire Glass
    CASE BACK: Screw-in Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: 6156A Automatic
    Manufacturing date: September 1971
    Service History: Unknown, ±10s/day
    Bracelet/Strap: Seiko DA52 leather straps with the correct GS buckle.

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