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My passion for horology began when this was nothing more than a vague interest in old watches. As a university student on a strict budget, I enjoyed visiting antique stores to look at old clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches from the post-colonial era in Tunisia.

(Un)fortunately, my passion for Japanese watchmaking became serious when I moved to Japan 6 years ago as I started collecting old watches from the Showa Era and Iconic Mechanical and Digital watches from the 70s and the Economic boom era.

Then COVID-19 happened: Having more free time, my interest in Japanese watchmaking and horology got bigger and bigger and so was my collection. I am sure that you’re familiar with this but I justified most of my watch purchases as “This is the one watch that will make me happier”. After some time I realized that the real joy for me was the hunt itself, and as I was spending all of my time looking at watches I might as well make it as my living.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still bitten by the watch bug and my collection is just a reflection of my taste that will certainly keep evolving over time. The Tokei Club will be a manifestation of my real joy of hunting and sourcing: I won’t stop looking for incredibly rare timepieces from watch fairs in Japan to old watchmakers shops with the good old vintage smell.

Anyways, please come in and enjoy your stay at The Tokei Club.

The Club owner,

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