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Seiko Liner 15006 Dragonfly Wing dial





In the late 1950s, a shift in Japanese watch preferences towards larger and thinner timepieces led Seiko to introduce the successful Marvel model in 1956. This paved the way for the Lord Marvel in 1958, marking Seiko's entry into the luxury watch market. Concurrently, Daini Seikosha's Goldfeather in 1960 intensified the competition between the two factories.

Amid this rivalry, Suwa, facing pressure to create an ultra-thin watch, refined the existing Marvel movement due to limited resources in the Nagano region. This resulted in the Crown movement and further developments, leading to the 3180 movement, which was crucial in the launch of Grand Seiko in 1960.

The Liner dress watch series features conservative styling with thin bezels and delicate lugs to complement its increased size and thin profile. But what also made the Liner's dress watches more interesting is their unique dials: It showcases a stunning silver-patterned dial reminiscent of the graceful shape of firefly wings or, perhaps, a delicate split bamboo pattern. While this pattern is quite subtle, observing the time on this watch becomes a genuine pleasure due to its captivating design. This Liner also boasts an exceptionally slim case with distinctively pronounced lugs. This not only enhances its overall presence on the wrist but does so without becoming overly bulky.

The Liner is one of Seiko's relatively brief-lived brands, having been produced only from 1960 to 1964. Among these, this steel "Firefly Wings" variant is acknowledged as the rarest variant, making them highly sought after and exceptionally collectible.


The watch currently works flawlessly and will be sold as is. Please let us know if you wish to service it before delivery.


Ships from Tokyo, Japan

Seiko Liner 15006 Dragonfly Wing dial

  • Overall, this Seiko Liner is in immaculate condition

    The case is in very good condition and was perfectly kept in good shape with only a few hairline scratches. The crown is unsigned and appears to be original.

    The pattern dial is also in immaculate condition with no noticeable discoloration or stains.

    The straps are mostly likely original and they're from the same era, to say the least. It has some signs of peeling but it is in good condition for its age.

    There are no noticeable scratches on the glass.

    The original case-back is in very good condition with the original etchings clear.

  • BRAND:  Seiko
    MODEL: Liner
    REFERENCE: 15006
    DIAL: Original Dragonfly wings pattern dial
    CASE MATERIAL: Stainless steel
    CASE DIMENSIONS: 35mm wide (excluding crown), 44mm tall, 8mm thick, lugs width 18mm.
    CRYSTAL: Plastic
    CASE BACK: Snap-in Stainless Steel
    MOVEMENT: Seiko Manual-wound 23J Cal.3140
    Manufacturing date: 1961
    Service History: Unknown, ±30s/day
    Bracelet/Strap: Vintage Seiko straps with signed buckle.

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